The Fax Partnership connects people, place, and new investment to revitalize Colfax Avenue from Colorado Boulevard to Yosemite Street. It was instrumental in forming the Fax-Mayfair Business Improvement District in 2014 by building consensus in the business community.

The Fax Partnership currently is working to revitalize East Colfax through the pursuit of affordable housing redevelopment and by supporting our existing businesses and residents.

In the spring of 2016 we hosted a tour of over twenty policy makers from the City and County of Denver to identify steps towards revitalization. Since that tour the Fax Partnership has been working to implement the identified strategies, including promoting the corridor to housing developers and partnering with the City to prepare the corridor for the implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit project scheduled for 2020-2022.

Amy Ford is the board chair, we are always looking for new members of our board. please contact Monica to learn more.